How Social Media Has Changed How We Do Business

From the early days of Twitter and Facebook to the countless platforms out there today, it’s no question that social media has transformed the world.

Whether it’s how you communicate with your audience or increasing the extent of your reach, social media has changed the way we do business forever. 

Let’s talk about how it has changed the world of business – especially small businesses!

Easier Access to Consumers

When your only options were television commercials and print ads, it used to be difficult and expensive to reach your consumers in their homes. 

Now, with the help of social media, all you need is a cell phone and a platform!

Small business owners can now produce quality content that used to take an entire art department of experts. With apps like Canva, you can easily create beautiful graphics and iPhones are now taking pictures that rival high-quality cameras. 

As easy as it is to create content, It’s even easier to get it in front of your audience.

Most people scroll through their social apps multiple times a day. With the right targeting and an optimized social media presence, it’s very likely that they will come across your content. 

Greater Visibility

Thanks to social media, it’s also easier to get your goods or services into the hands of consumers around the world.

For example, a small clothing boutique used to be limited to the walk-in and word-of-mouth traffic that they get. Now, with the help of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, they can easily reach customers near and far. 

Utilizing tactics like hashtags and targeted ads will expose your business to a new audience and increase your visibility.

Better visibility will usually lead to more sales. I can’t think of many people who haven’t bought something after seeing an Instagram or TikTok ad!

Better Collaboration Opportunities

Not only is it easier to increase your visibility with customers but it’s also a great way to connect with other business owners. 

When you come across a business that you want to work with, building that relationship can be as easy as sliding into their DMs. It creates the ability to easily form a community of supportive business owners to bounce ideas off of or work together on a project or sale.

Collaboration with other businesses not only increases your visibility and sales but can also spark more creativity amongst brands.

Business ownership can be lonely so why not connect with other hard-working entrepreneurs? 

Stronger Connections with Your Audience

Social media gives you the ability to really humanize your brand and business. Your audience gets to see and know the people they’re working with.

This makes them feel more connected to you. The more connected they feel to your business, the more committed they are to seeing you succeed.

To drive that connection, be sure to always include a Call to Action on your posts. Give them a reason to interact with your business. If you need some ideas on how to drive quality engagement on your social media accounts, check out my list of 100 call-to-actions ideas!

Quick Customer Service

Social media also makes it easier for you to provide timely customer service. Being on social media gives your customers more opportunities and platforms to reach you. 

To eliminate the time you spend replying to social media, consider setting up an automation or chatbot that can be programmed to answer your most frequently asked questions.

Social media has changed so much about the world we live in today. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of it, immerse yourself in the positive ones. Think of how social media has helped your business grow and think of strategies you can use to continue your growth in the future. 

As someone whose business is possible because of the power of social media, I am very thankful for the advances it has helped us make in the digital business space! I love the connections I’ve made through social media and will always be thankful for the opportunities it provides for me.

Remember, if you ever need someone to help you navigate this new area of small business, my inbox is always open!

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