Six Social Media Post Ideas for Photographers

Photographers have to get creative when marketing themselves, especially in highly populated areas or tourist destinations. But it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Social media is free, and with the tips and ideas provided in this blog, you’ll be well on your way to filling your calendar for the foreseeable future.

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How to Brainstorm New Social Media Post Ideas for Your Small Business

With summer coming up, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your social media strategy. If you’re feeling a bit stuck and not sure where to go next, check out this article for a behind-the-scenes look at my top 5 tips for generating new social media post ideas.

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Discover the Formula for the Perfect Sales Email Sequence

Why do certain sales emails have you eagerly clicking “Buy Now” while others see the dreary fate of the trash bin in seconds?

The magic lies in the composition of the email – the carefully chosen words that captivate the reader, honestly show the value of your offer, and make the sale irresistible. In other words, it all comes down to the art and science of email copywriting.

In this article, I’ll share the strategies I use to craft high-converting sales email sequences. This formula will help you convert prospects into customers and clients. Inside, you’ll find templates for the six-email, automated sequence that your prospects will receive.

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