Optimizing Your Creative Energy!

Since becoming a mom in January 2022, I’ve learned to optimally flex my time and focus my attention throughout my workdays. That means giving my full energy to what’s in front of me at the moment, and doing my best to eliminate distractions and competing demands. As a writer, this also means recognizing when I am (and am not) creative, and not trying to “force it” when I’m not “feeling it.” 

Baby down for a nap? It’s go time! Write that blog post, respond to those client emails, take that meeting, and review my freelance writers’ work. 

Baby awake and ready to play? It’s go time! Play the games, feed the meals, go on adventures, and enjoy this delightful little human who lights up my life. 

Not every day is perfect (and my husband can attest to the fact that yes, I do work after the baby goes to bed at night) but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

Whether or not you’re a parent, I hope you can relate to the simple fact that focusing your attention and respecting your energy levels is a critical skill, especially when we all have the same 24 hours each day. In my entrepreneurial years before my daughter was born, I may have had more flexibility…but I still had to flex my days, block my time, and figure out when I was the most/least creative. 

But what about those must-do tasks that you are RARELY in the mood or creative space to tackle? 

I’ve written many times before about the importance of social media for small businesses. So like it or not, unless you’re interested in outsourcing your social media writing or management, a good chunk of your creative energy on a daily/weekly/monthly basis needs to be dedicated to creating social media posts. And it can be downright exhausting to constantly come up with new ideas! 

To help you better optimize your bursts of creative energy, I’ve created a low-cost guide.

Using my easy-to-follow content bucketing system, this downloadable PDF teaches you how to ideate for social media posts and provides 57 specific, attainable ideas. It’s designed as a checklist, although each idea could be also executed on a recurring basis or recreated in multiple ways.

With these 57 social media post ideas – some are even fill-in-the-blank prompts – you can expend LESS of your precious creative energy trying to come up with endless social media post ideas! Get yours today for just $14.99 – right here.

57 social media post ideas for your business