Meet the Emily Writes Team: Amanda Russell, OBM and Writer

Welcome to a special series where you’ll get to know each of the incredible team members at Emily Writes! While I started out as a one-woman show, I soon discovered that I needed a team. I certainly can’t do it all, and I am incredibly grateful for each woman who contributes to our success. Each project is matched to their individual creative talents and expertise. 

This week, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Amanda Russell. Amanda is not only a stand-out writer, but she’s also the Online Business Manager for Emily Writes. 

My favorite qualities of Amanda are her reliability, her versatility, and the ownership she has taken in making sure Emily Writes is a success. As a writer, Amanda is clever and thoughtful. I am constantly amazed at the new angles and turns of phrase she writes, to perfect our clients’ content. She truly embodies what it means to elevate their stories. 

Learn more about Amanda in her own words!

What is your name?

Amanda Russell

What tasks do you work on for Emily Writes?

A little bit of everything! I am Emily’s OBM, which means I help her with behind-the-scenes work such as writer management and organizational tasks. I also write social posts and blogs for clients.

How long have you been working for Emily Writes?

Since June of 2020

What is your favorite thing about working with this team?

Emily is THE best person to work with. She is so smart, easygoing, and kind. She has also taught me so much about the world of content writing and freelancing. I also love that we get to write for a variety of different people and industries. It keeps the work interesting.

What is your favorite thing about working in the digital space?

I love that I can earn enough money to support my family of 5, working from anywhere.

What are your top 3-5 tips for working from home successfully?

  1. Set (and keep!) your boundaries! It’s hard to work in this space without them.
  2. Have a set space for work. Whether it’s an office or a corner of your living room, having a set workspace is key.
  3. Keep a schedule. Whether you work in the early mornings, while the kids are at school, or late at night, keeping some sort of set schedule will ensure that all of the work gets done on time.
  4. Be mindful of how your work life is bleeding into your home life. It’s so easy to work all of the time when the work is right in your home but that isn’t healthy. It’s important to guard your free time.

How does freelancing fit your life and goals?

Freelancing allows me to set my own schedule and reach my own income goals, which is super important as the mom of 3 small kids! Some months, we need a little bit more money, so I’ll pick up an additional project or two. Some months, I need more time, so I won’t accept as many projects. I just love how I can mold my work life around my personal one.

What do you do outside of work (hobbies, family, passions/interests, etc)?

I have three small kids so my hobbies are their hobbies LOL! 

I’m a proud dance and lacrosse mom and can often be found shuttling my kids around between their activities, games, tournaments, and competitions. I also volunteer for my town’s Planning Commission and for the Appoquinimink Foundation, which benefits local students in my town. In the rare event that I do get some free time, I enjoy reading and watching Netflix.

Thank you so much, Amanda, for taking the time to introduce yourself you to our audience. I am blessed to have you on the Emily Writes team.