How to Use Generative AI to Create a Personality Quiz

A great content writer is like a great chef. Give her a direction and she’ll run with it – no matter how diverse the dish. 

Content writers often work across industries, tapping into unique brand voices, researching challenging topics, and meeting the content creation goals of any given organization. Just this month, my team and I tackled topics as wide-ranging as the Wisconsin real estate market, bullying in schools, commercial cyber insurance, and how to solve common Facebook glitches.  

But every once in a while, an idea or assignment crosses my desk and we just… draw a blank.

Recently, a client decided to create a personality quiz to use as a lead magnet on her website. Picture a Cosmo-style, tally-your-own-results kind of quiz. The topic was self-care and mental health, which fits into her brand and mission. 

Brilliant! But how do we execute it?

I’ll admit, my creative juices weren’t firing on this one. So I turned to one of my favorite writing tools – generative AI! 

When it comes to AI, I use a tool called Magai, which is a ChatGPT-powered program that keeps my prompts, brands, and projects neatly organized. I like the clean interface and responsive customer support. (And yes, I’m a proud affiliate partner; learn more here.

AI Prompt to Make a Personality Quiz 

Here’s the prompt I used to generate the copy for my client’s personality quiz:

Create a personality quiz consisting of 20 questions. Each question will have four possible answers, A, B, C, and D. Write the questions and the answers. The purpose of the quiz is to help people determine the best self-care ideas. It’s like a Cosmo magazine quiz. Include a spot for them to add up their own scores and get four ideas for self-care. Audience: Adults 18-40.

The initial output was surprisingly good! But even though I asked for 20 questions, it only gave me five in the first round. So, I followed up with the prompt – Add 5 more questions – several times until I got enough content. 

To get the introductory paragraph for the quiz, I provided this prompt: 

Next, I need you to write a 3-sentence introduction to this quiz, mentioning the importance of self-care for our mental and emotional health.

From there, I just needed to edit the copy to be in my client’s brand voice. 

Editing and Optimizing an AI-Generated Personality Quiz

To smooth out the AI-generated copy, I took out a few questions that felt redundant and edited everything to sound cohesive. Magai gave me about 20 questions and I used 12 in the final quiz. I added a few personal touches to emphasize why her audience would find this quiz helpful and then put everything into Canva to create the final PDF. A member of my team copyedited the PDF before my client gave her final read-through and sign-off. 

We use Flodesk to create all her lead magnets, so next, I built a simple form and workflow, sending it off to the website manager to put onto the website. 

That’s it! The entire process took about 2 hours, from start to finish, which included the graphic design and editing time. I love how the final quiz turned out, and I wouldn’t have had as robust of a final product if I hadn’t used Magai to get the job done.

Interested in seeing how it turned out? Head over to my client’s website to get your own copy!