Four Signs It’s Time to Hire a Content Writer for Your Business

I’ll be the first to admit that when I took Emily Writes full-time, I was unsure who would possibly hire me. Sure, I had a handful of amazing social media clients already, but what about other kinds of writing? Could I really hold up my half of the household with this little writing business??

Spoiler alert: I found those clients, and absolutely love serving each and every one of them! 

But what’s interesting is that they don’t all come to me for the same reasons. Their motivations are as diverse as their businesses. So in today’s blog, I thought I’d break down the four most common reasons business owners have hired Emily Writes. 

Sign #1: You Hate Writing

Here’s the most obvious reason to hire a writer: You hate doing it! The way you feel about writing could be the way I feel about building a spreadsheet or vacuuming my carpets…it’s a big ick

Whether you’re stuck on a 4-sentence social media post, a professional bio for your speaking appearance, or an important email, it’s OK if writing isn’t your favorite task. Projects that don’t come naturally to you could very well be someone else’s bread and butter!

My husband takes care of the spreadsheets and our amazing monthly cleaner takes care of the carpets. Let a writer take care of your content!

Sign #2: Your Time is Better Spent Elsewhere

There’s a good chance you’re a solid writer! I work with several clients who are talented writers and communicators, but they’ve still chosen to hire me for support. 

Why? Well, their time is better spent focusing on other areas of their businesses! They should be out networking, taking care of high-level strategy, and creating the services/products for their clients/customers. 

Here are some examples of writing tasks that a professional could handle: 

  • Drafting a video script for you to record
  • Composing a month’s worth of social media captions
  • Rewriting your website to drive more conversions
  • Creating weekly or monthly blog content
  • Writing a welcome email sequence for your new subscribers
  • Handling all of your copywriting tasks for your next big launch — the landing page, the marketing emails, the social media posts, and more. 
  • Creating concise social media bios for all your channels

Remember: Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. And just because you hire a writer doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to make edits! I welcome the back-and-forth conversations with my clients as we refine their content to perfection. 

On your end, it’s often easier to have a draft to react to, rather than compose it from scratch. (Here’s an article that outlines some ways you can work with your writer.)


It’s really hard to write about yourself, isn’t it!? My clients who are great writers still sometimes struggle to write about themselves in a way that sounds genuine, which is why a third-party writer can be so helpful. 

Sign #3: Your Team Needs Support

You may already have a virtual assistant, in-office support, or even a marketing team to support your business. That’s great! But even though several of my clients have teams, they don’t have a dedicated writer or someone with strong writing skills. 

Instead of asking someone to do something that’s not in their wheelhouse, or stretching your team too thin, you can work with a content writer to focus on content creation. This frees up their time to focus on other priorities and ensures you have a dedicated professional with eyes on your content. 

Sign #4: You Just Can’t Keep Up

You could be reading this as a solopreneur, wondering if it’s the right time to start outsourcing. While I can’t make that decision for you, I do encourage you to think bigger! 

I had to overcome a lot of mental blocks to figure out if (and how) I wanted to grow a team, but it’s honestly the best decision I ever made. (Here’s an article that breaks down how I did it.)

But if you’re unable to keep up with everything on your list, and tasks like social media management and consistent email marketing are always being pushed off, it could be time. Start small, and you can always outsource more! 


I’m curious if you saw yourself in any of these signs! Maybe it’s time to get some help…or to hand off more responsibilities to the writer you already have. Join my email newsletter if you like content like this and want to get fresh updates every other week.