What You Can Expect from Emily Writes in 2021

When I worked in the corporate world, someone gave me this small piece of leadership advice that has really stuck with me: 

Always tell people what they can expect of you. 

I really take this to heart when managing people, whether it’s a team of employees or a team of talented contractors. It’s important to me that I express the expectations they can have of me as their leader. 

So, in the spirit of full transparency, I want to spell out what you – my follower, my client, my friend, my family member – can expect to see from me, as a business owner, this upcoming year. 

Better Time Management

Even though I’ve written about time management, I need to improve in this area. I tend to pile my plate too full, not ask for help until it’s too late, and work more hours than is healthy. So in 2021, I vow to better manage my time and my projects – and better delegate to my talented team!

Tell More Stories

Better time management means I can commit to serving more small businesses and solopreneurs in the year ahead. It is my goal to grow my client base to include a wider diversity of clients in different industries. Content marketing is for everyone! And I want to tell more wonderful stories in 2021.

Write on More Topics

I set a goal in 2020 to freelance for a greater number of publications, but that fell to the wayside as I focused on building my client base, instead. This year, I want to stretch my writing abilities by writing for publications across the country. 

Launch a Product

I teased this a little in my last blog: This year, I will launch a product to help small businesses and solopreneurs improve their content marketing efforts without having to invest in a coach or consultant. This will allow me to help more people than I can handle with my content marketing packages while still spreading my expertise and joy for storytelling. Stay tuned!


I’m excited about what the coming year is going to offer! Leave me a comment below with a goal or expectation you have set for yourself, in 2021.