The Cost of NOT Having Social Media

If you’ve taken a social media hiatus during the last few months – I get it.

Between toxic political discussions and heightened anxieties, our newsfeeds can be anything but a pleasant distraction. Yet… it’s still important to spend time on social media.

Personally, take all the breaks you need! But professionally, I don’t think you can afford to take a break.

Three Costs of NOT Having Social Media

  1. You’re leaving business on the table.

Even if you take a break from social media, your competitors are not. Stay top of mind for your target audience by regularly posting on your top channels. With in-person interactions limited, people are spending more time online. If you aren’t on social media, I guarantee you’re missing out on business and networking opportunities!

  1. You risk losing your target audience’s trust.

If you have social media channels set-up but aren’t using them, your target audience could think that you’ve either gone out of business or have something to hide. If you don’t have channels set-up, you risk someone else telling your story for you!

I know that you have a lot on your plate and social media can take a backseat to your other priorities. But even if your business has struggled these last six months, keep the lines of communication open! Social media is free and does not have to take more than 1-2 hours per week to maintain. Scroll down to read my five steps to consistent content creation.

  1. You are missing out on relationships.

Social media isn’t about sales. Social media is about connections.

The basic premise of Facebook, back in 2004, was to connect college students. Today, billions of dollars of business are conducted on social media every year – yet connections are still at the core. As individuals, we follow friends, people we admire, and brands we trust. We create content to educate, inspire, and entertain other people. Every social media channel is designed to facilitate conversations and build relationships.

As a business, you need to be part of that conversation.

OK, enough doom and gloom! Click here to learn, step-by-step, a manageable process for maintaining a consistent presence on social media.