Five Steps to Consistent Social Media Content Creation

I recently wrote about why it’s dangerous to neglect social media as a business owner. I get it!! It takes time, it can be frustrating, and goodness knows it’s nearly impossible to think of something to post every. single day.

But deep down, you know you should be active on social media for your business. If you’re not telling your story, who is?

So let’s talk about how to make your content creation easier. I’ve been getting paid to manage social media since 2015 and I’ve figured out a process that works. Let’s talk about the secrets to making your content consistent!

Step 1: Choose Your Channels

The best advice I can give you today is to focus your efforts on the social media channels that make the most sense for your particular organization.

Good news! You now have my permission to put aside the channels that no longer make sense for your organization. ?

Step 2: Choose Your Content Categories

Now that you know which platforms you should focus on, make a list of the types of content you would like to create. Here are some categories I use with my clients:

  • Promotional

Asking people to take the next step in buying your product or service. 

  • Educational

Providing a resource such as a tip, resource, or video related to your expertise. This could be content you create yourself or content that you curate from a trusted source.

  • Branding

Talking about your “why” – your mission, values, or purpose of existing.

  • Behind-the-Scenes

Bringing people behind the curtain of your organization, such as showcasing how something is made or describing what goes into your process.

  • Company Culture

Showing what it’s like to work with you, such as a group meeting, employee spotlight, or talking about why people want to work for you.

  • Success Stories

Sharing testimonials or success stories from happy customers or clients.

  • Engagement

Inviting people to engage with your content with a question, poll, or contest.

  • Inspirational

Giving encouragement or motivation through a quote, a throwback story from your organization’s history, or other inspirational story.

  • Humorous

Sharing a funny cartoon, meme, or video. This could be something you create or something you curate from another source.

Step 3: Choose Your Posting Frequency

Once you’ve narrowed down your content categories, decide how often you will be posting on your chosen platforms.

Step 4: Create a Content Calendar

Now you’re ready to create a social media calendar that reflects the types of content you chose and the frequency that makes the most sense! I utilize Google Spreadsheets to organize content for myself and my clients. Here’s a sample:

Step 5: Create Content!

Aim to create at least one week’s worth of content at a time. I also recommend utilizing free scheduling platforms such as Creator Studio or Hootsuite to schedule your posts ahead of time.

Those are my basic secrets to content creation! I hope that this has reinvigorated you to become more active on your social media channels. Please reach out to me if any step in this process is confusing or unclear. I would be happy to provide further advice.