Showcasing Your Business Through Well-Written Website Copy

In today’s online world, setting up a website isn’t that difficult. There are a ton of free platforms available for creating a simple website, with no complex coding involved. 

To use myself as an example, this website is built in WordPress – technically, one of the more challenging platforms, and I was able to figure it out. If you’re just starting out, or you have a limited budget, those above-listed free platforms can really do the trick!

Of course, more established or better funded businesses will hire a web development company to do the work for them, and I’m all about investing in what makes sense for your business! Please reach out if you’d like me to make a qualified referral – I know website builders that can fit any size budget.

But no matter how you decide to create your business website, let me tell you what is NOT easy… copywriting for your website. 


Well, it’s really hard to write about ourselves!! We’re often too close to the business to really know what’s going to make us “pop” online. You are also going to need more web copy than you think – after all, the copy on your website is one important factor that helps you show up in a search engine like Google.

Most importantly, you need to stand out from the crowd. If someone visits your site and encounters one of the below-listed common problems, they’re going to bounce off without taking action. 

You might think your DIY written description of what your business does is good enough, but I could read it and tell you right away if it is…

  • Packed with jargon 
  • Too complicated or too vague
  • Trying to reach too broad of an audience
  • Confusing to your target audience
  • Lacking in urgency
  • Not presenting a clear problem/solution

That’s where an experienced website writer can really help! Writing websites is one of my favorite types of projects to take on. Whether it’s a brand-new site or one that just needs a refresh (here’s how often you should be updating your website copy), I am here to help. 

Take a look at my approach to writing websites and send me an email if you’d like to know my pricing!