Is It Worth Having a Website for a Small Business?

Building an Emily Writes website was a #1 priority when I launched my business back in 2019. But I’m a writer by trade and marketer by profession…of course that was at the top of my list! 

What about other new businesses? Do consultants, copywriters, real estate agents, and other up-and-coming service providers really NEED websites? 

Spoiler alert: My answer is always going to be YES, but I want to explain why. I’m going to give you 14 reasons why businesses of every size need to have websites. 

But first, let’s play devil’s advocate…

Can Social Media Replace a Website?

What if you have (or build) a really solid social media presence? Could you run a successful business with just a great Instagram account, an amazing TikTok page, and/or a top-notch LinkedIn profile? Can you build a business on Facebook, perhaps leveraging the power of Facebook groups to market your business? What about creating an amazing YouTube channel to market your business? 

Yes, all of this is possible, and you can DEFINITELY make money on social media! 

But can social media replace having a website? I do NOT think this is a long-term, sustainable strategy for a business. 

When you build on social media, you’re building on borrowed land. Your amazing content and legion of loyal followers don’t belong to you – they belong to the platform. If TikTok gets banned from your audience or Meta mistakenly shuts down your account, all of your hard work goes up in smoke!

On the other hand, a website is yours. When you buy a domain, it belongs to YOU. All of the traffic that goes to your site is traffic that YOU can capitalize on. That’s powerful!

Social media is a great marketing tool. But it should not be the only tool in your toolbox. 

OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Let’s get into that list!

14 Reasons a Website Will Benefit Your Small Business

1. Your Spot to Establish Credibility 

In today’s digital-first world, consumers expect legitimate businesses to have an online presence. A well-written, well-organized website builds credibility and proves that you take your business seriously. Your website can also house blogs, videos, social media feeds, podcasts, and other resources that serve your audience while highlighting your knowledge and expertise.

2. Capture Leads and Drive Sales

Naturally, you don’t just want to be discovered online. You want people to take the next step to enter your world! This could look like joining your email list, buying your course, or booking a consultation call. Your website should direct people to this next step. 

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3. Search Engines Drive Website Traffic

Google is king when it comes to search engines, driving over 90% of the web’s search traffic. What are you giving Google to “scrape”? A website!

4. Your 24/7 Online Home

Your website is your place to call home; your very own corner of the web. Whether you’re a financial advisor, an insurance agent, a motivational speaker, or a virtual service provider, a professional website ensures your services are discoverable 24/7.

5. Share Your Story

On your website, you can put into words your business’s journey, core values, and mission. This turns your website into a place where you can differentiate your brand story and create a connection with potential clients. You can also embed videos on your site to reinforce your messaging. 

6. Showcase Your Offers

Some service providers struggle to put into words exactly what they offer and how it solves a problem for their audience. (Coaches and consultants – I’m looking at you!) A website is your chance to describe the details of your solutions and highlight how they’ll make a difference for those who choose to buy.

7. Offer Customer Service

Your website can house frequently asked questions, chatbots, and your contact information, providing quick customer service and reducing wait times. This is not only convenient for your current and prospective clients, it also makes you more efficient, too!

8. Access to Powerful Analytics

Pairing your website with tools like Google Analytics, you can scrutinize visitor data and behavior. This helps refine your marketing strategies and helps you improve user experience.

9. Provides a Competitive Advantage

If you have competitors in your space (we all do!), a website can tip the scales in your favor, especially if your competitors lack a savvy online presence or have outdated websites.

10. Highlight Social Proof

On your website, you can showcase success stories and client testimonials to build trust with your next client. Real-world validation goes a long way in persuading prospects!

11. Control Your Story

A website gives you total control over how your business is portrayed online, unlike the unpredictable nature of social media platforms and third-party review sites. This is where you can describe what you do, why you do it, and who would benefit from your services – without any unfair or biased input getting in the way. 

12. Cost-Effective Marketing

There is a LOT we could spend our money on when it comes to marketing our businesses. I gladly fork over the couple hundred dollars a year that it takes to own, secure, and maintain my website. 

13. Display Your Portfolio

When your business type calls for sharing examples of your work, a portfolio is key. Photographers, writers, designers, and many more service providers need to house examples of their work for others to peruse. This also cuts back on unqualified prospects reaching out to you, because they can already see if your results are (or are not) a fit for them. 

14. Share Your Pricing

Speaking of cutting back on unqualified prospects, many service providers choose to share their prices on their websites. While there’s still wiggle room for custom quotes and proposals, depending on how your business is structured, you can still share a range or a starting point for your prospective clients. This allows people to roughly evaluate whether or not they can afford your services. 

So, Do You Think Small Businesses Need Websites? 

Have I convinced you? 

If your website is lackluster or you still need to build one, consider this your sign that 2024 is YOUR year for amplifying your online presence with a top-notch website!

But if your skills and availability don’t match your ambition, let’s connect.

I can write all-new content for your website, rewrite or evaluate your existing site, and/or connect you with a talented designer to build the site of your dreams. I’ll ensure it not only reflects your current offerings but also paves the way for future growth. Let’s get started!