The Secret Sauce to a Sticky Landing Page

Have you ever wondered why some landing pages hold your attention like a magnet, convincing you to buy, while others make you bounce faster than a rubber ball? 

The difference lies in the “secret sauce” – the words used to draw in the reader and make an offer irresistible! Copywriting magic turns a casual visitor into a loyal customer.

There are plenty of web design elements that come into play with a great landing page, of course. You can’t have great content without great design, and vice versa. But today, we’re going to focus on the words on the landing page. Keep reading for best practices AND explore three hands-on examples!

Differences Between a Landing Page and a Full Website

Landing pages are typically reserved for standalone offers and are designed with ONE primary call to action in mind. Whether that’s signing up for your course, buying your product, or registering for your event, a solid landing page serves ONE purpose! 

Your website, on the other hand, tells your whole story. You may have multiple products and/or services to sell, a robust About page, and more. Tons of thought and effort go into both types of web pages, of course, but your full website is going to be more long-lasting.

I dig deeper into the differences between landing pages and websites, here, and if you’re more interested in learning how to write a website homepage, this article has everything you need!

“Audience First” Landing Page Content

A great landing page retains your audience’s attention from the moment they click. With well-crafted, laser-focused copy, you can reduce bounce rates and boost conversions by offering an irresistible blend of value, relevance, and intrigue.

But what truly sets a sticky landing page apart is its ability to resonate deeply with its target audience. It’s not just about looking good or being informative or giving a good price; it’s about creating an instant connection that feels almost magnetic. 

That’s why the most important part of your landing page writing process is identifying exactly what your target audience wants – and articulating how YOU are uniquely qualified to offer it to them. 

This involves doing some legwork before you ever choose a landing page template or start writing a single headline. In fact, your entire offer – product, service, event, etc. – should be crafted with the needs of your audience in mind, not the other way around. Trying to force-fit what you want to sell down the throats of your audience won’t work. 

I recommend picking up Donald Miller’s “Marketing Made Simple” book, which provides a no-fail framework for identifying and speaking directly to your target customers/clients.

Landing Page Outline Example

Your specific web designer or website template might already have an excellent outline for your sales landing page. That’s awesome! Here is a sample outline for a landing page, which follows StoryBrand principles from Donald Miller: 

modified StoryBrand Outline for Sales Landing Page

Strong Landing Page Content Examples

I know I find it helpful to have concrete examples, so here are three mini case studies from hypothetical businesses. Each one needs to write a riveting landing page, and I’m going to show you how “weak” copy can be turned into “strong” copy with thoughtful improvements.

Example 1: K12 Education Consultant Selling Tickets to a Virtual Conference

This education consultant in the K12 market is hoping to drum up interest in her virtual conference. The event will teach the latest innovations in educational technology and is created for school administrators such as superintendents, principals, and technology directors who want to learn best practices.

Weak Headline

Annual Virtual Conference on Educational Technology

This headline does not say who the event is for or provide a compelling reason why K12 education leaders would want to attend.

Strong Headlines

Unlock the Future of Learning: Transform Your School with the Latest EdTech Tools

Empower Your Students and Staff Through Game-Changing Technology

Learn How to Lead Your School District with Revolutionary Technology

These headlines are much more effective because they allude to tangible takeaways and exciting results. This consultant could then put the actual event title and dates within her subheader, such as “Attend the Virtual 2024 (event title) on (dates).”

Weak Calls to Action

“Click Here”

“Submit Registration”

“Learn More”

These calls to action are pretty boring and don’t give an urgent reason WHY the reader should take the next step. 

Strong Calls to Action

“Claim My Seat”

“Discover Groundbreaking School Tech”

“YES: I want to be an EdTech pioneer!”

“Join the Edtech Revolution”

These phrases are more urgent and compelling. Words like “discover” and “YES” grab more attention than just “sign up” or, my personal pet peeve, “learn more.”

Weak Value Proposition

Our conference will cover the latest trends in educational technology.

Yawn. While this definitely describes what is happening at the conference, it isn’t exciting and does not focus on the audience and what they will take home to their districts. 

Strong Value Proposition

Transform your district’s educational landscape with cutting-edge insights from leaders at the forefront of EdTech. By attending our virtual conference, you’ll gain exclusive access to expert-led sessions that promise actionable strategies for integrating technology in teaching, enhancing student engagement, and boosting school performance. Empower your leadership with the knowledge and tools to not only navigate but also thrive in the rapidly evolving digital educational world, ensuring your schools lead the charge in innovative learning solutions.”

Even just the first sentence of this paragraph could be a great value proposition. By using this copy all together – or spread across her landing page – this consultant clearly conveys the “can’t miss it” vibe of her conference.

Example 2: Business Consultant Selling a Digital Download 

This experienced business consultant recognizes that many small business owners don’t know how to put together a business plan, which can hinder their growth opportunities. He created an easy-to-use Business Plan Guidebook to give his target audience a leg-up in their business. He prices this plan competitively because he hopes to upsell the purchasers into his more comprehensive business consulting services after they experience success with his PDF guide. 

Weak Headline

Business Plan Guidebook Available

This headline sounds almost apologetic! It is not exciting or persuasive. 

Strong Headlines

Turn Your Vision into Reality: The Ultimate Business Plan Guide for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Launch Your Success Story with a Winning Business Plan

From Startup to Standout: Your Step-by-Step Business Plan Blueprint

These headlines spark more emotion while still stating exactly what the offer is. Each one contains language that appeals to the target audience — “turn your vision into reality” and “launch your success story.” 

The word “blueprint” paints a visual picture of what they will receive. If this consultant doesn’t use “blueprint” in the headline, he should use it elsewhere in his copy, such as in his subheader.

Weak Calls to Action

“Download Here”

“Click Here”

“Buy Now”

These are OK calls to action and are not the worst I’ve seen. But we can definitely make them better.

Strong Calls to Action

“Change My Life”

“Transform My Business”

“Get the Blueprint Now”

“Bring My Vision to Life”

“Let’s Do This”

These examples include emotional triggers that make the offer irresistible.

Weak Value Proposition

Our guide helps you write a business plan.

So boring! Let’s make it better.

Strong Value Proposition

Unlock the secrets to creating an effective business plan with (title of guide). Tailored for small business owners in their early years, this guide demystifies the planning process, offering you a clear, step-by-step approach to creating a robust business plan. Whether you’re looking to secure financing, attract investors, or simply set a strategic direction for growth, our guide equips you with practical tools, tips, and insider insights to transform your vision into a thriving business. Empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and lead your business toward a prosperous future!

Again, while not all of this copy needs to be used in one big block, the consultant could use that first sentence as his subheader and the rest of the copy throughout his landing page. It effectively conveys the significant value and transformative potential of his guide.

Example 3: Parenting Expert Selling Access to an Online Membership

This consultant wants to help parents of toddlers navigate these challenging years of parenting. Her membership program provides valuable resources and a supportive community to navigate the joys and challenges of parenting.

Weak Headline

Join Our Parenting Membership Program

This headline doesn’t tap into any of the stress or joy of parenting. The reader has no believable reason to keep reading.

Strong Headlines

Unlock the Joy of Toddler Parenting and Become the Patient Parent You Aspire to Be

Make Parenting Fun Again! Gain Access to Expert Resources and Ongoing Support

Learn How to Navigate the Toddler Years with Patience and Joy

Every toddler parent wants to be “patient” and “fun” and “joyful.” These words tug at the parents’ hearts and give them a taste of their transformation after joining the membership group and taking advantage of all the resources.

Weak Calls to Action

“Sign Up”

“Join Now”

“Learn More”

Meh. None of these get ME excited as a toddler parent. Let’s try again.

Strong Calls to Action

“Get Access Now”

“Join Our Community”

“Unlock Toddler Parenting Wisdom”

These calls to action compel the reader to take immediate action and join the membership program. 

Weak Value Proposition

Our membership gives you access to parenting resources.

So boring! Yes, they want resources, but what they REALLY want is to be a better parent. Let’s lean into the results. 

Strong Value Proposition

Step into a world where parenting toddlers is filled with more joy and less stress. Our exclusive membership is designed for parents like you, eager to navigate the toddler years with grace and patience. Gain unparalleled access to a private Facebook group where shared experiences and expert advice create a nurturing community of support. Dive into our video training library covering critical topics – from mastering potty training and refining sleep routines to fostering learning and sparking creative ideas for toddler activities. This is more than just a membership; it’s your pathway to becoming the patient, insightful parent you dream of being. Empower yourself with the tools, tips, and community backing to transform your parenting approach and celebrate the precious toddler years.

Now THIS actually strikes a chord with toddler parents. The revised value proposition – which can be broken up throughout the landing page – emphasizes the transformation and comprehensive support the membership offers, positioning it as a can’t-miss-it experience.

Get Started with Great Landing Page Content

I hope these examples have empowered you to approach your next landing page project with more confidence! If you need help making your offer really pop, please reach out to me. I’d love to help you write an irresistible landing page for your product, service, or event.