The Birth of Emily Writes

How I Turned My Doodle into a Business

“Emily Writes” started as a doodle. 

Early in November 2018, I attended a regional economic outlook conference. The material was as dry as you’d expect (my apologies to any economics buffs reading this!) and as my mind wandered, I started doodling. 

At that moment in my life, I harbored an idea that I kept close to my heart. Only my husband and a few trusted mentors and family members knew about my dream to start a business. 

By then, I was providing social media management services for about a half dozen small companies. I was juggling this on the side of my full-time, 50+ hours a week job as a marketing manager for a large construction company. My “side hustle” income helped pay off my graduate student loan from earning my MBA at St. Norbert College.

As the conference dragged by, I drifted into a daydream about my future as a business owner. What would that company look like? What would my services be? What would I name it? 

I wanted my company name to reflect the services I would provide, but I wasn’t yet completely clear on what those services would be.

I knew that I wanted to provide social media marketing services, because I’m deeply interested in this mode of marketing – but at the same time, I also didn’t want to limit myself. What if social media goes out of vogue? What if I couldn’t find enough companies to hire me? What if I became bored? 

When I looked at small business names that I admired, I was drawn to names that included the name of the founder. I appreciate the personality that this conveys. I also knew that I wasn’t interested in building a massive operation; my business would just start with me.

With all of these thoughts in mind, I doodled the words “Emily Writes” in my notebook – and it stuck. 

I love that it conveys an action rather than a service. I love that it includes my name and therefore hints at the personal touch that I bring to every single client and project. Most of all, I love the simplicity. 

I’ve come a long way since that tedious November morning. Naming my company after the singular action I provide for my clients has helped me shape my service offerings and has even allowed me to say “no thank you” to projects that do not fit within this vision. 

Most importantly, my company name allows me to wake up every day with a clear vision for what I need to do: I need to write.

This blog wouldn’t be complete without a shoutout to the incredibly talented designer, Allison Martinson, who created my logo and branding. Her light, beautiful design touch brought my vision to life. Please keep her in mind for your next design project!