51 Proven Subject Lines to Try in Your Next Email Campaign

Content marketing is all about creating a two-way conversation. Whether that conversation takes place in a social media inbox, in the comments of your blog or YouTube video, or through email – your priority as a small business owner is to attract, engage, and convert your target audience. 

But attracting attention in a crowded online marketplace is challenging! In email marketing, the best way to capture that spotlight is with an eye-catching subject line. So I’ve curated 51 of my best subject line ideas, tried and true from my own experience running campaigns for myself and my clients.

(I don’t blame you if you want to just scroll down for the master list! Get an even more digestible version of it, right here. But if you’d prefer a little context, keep reading…)

Why You Need Email Marketing

When someone gives you their email address, they’re entrusting you with space in their private email inbox. IMHO, earning an email address can be twice as difficult as earning a “follow” on your social media account – but I’d also argue that it’s 10x more valuable!

You see, you don’t own your social media pages.

All major social media platforms are operated by private companies that put their own bottom line waaaay ahead of yours. Platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook are under constant government scrutiny. You can get locked out of your account at any time (read this blog from my mentor and client Andrea Gribble about how to get out of “Facebook Jail”). 

And just because someone follows your page or account is no guarantee that they’ll see most – if any – of your posts, due to the platforms’ algorithms. 

That’s the harsh reality. But are you ready for some good news? 

Email marketing can be your secret weapon – because you own your email list!

Unless someone opts out from receiving messages from you, you’re able to reach them with valuable content that helps them, educates them, inspires them – and yes, sells your products or services to them. 

(Shoot me an email if you want some free advice on which email platform to choose for your business. I use Flodesk for my own email newsletter – click here for a 50% off referral code!)

A Note About Open Rates and Click Rates

Once your email hits an inbox, the next hurdle you need to cross is getting them to open it. That’s called your “open rate” and you should aim for 20% or higher.

Next, you want to keep them engaged enough to read the email and click something in it, such as a link to your website or offer. That’s known as your “click rate” and your target is 5-10%. Learning to write an effective email that sparks engagement and clicks will be its own article!

Now, without further ado….

My Email Subject Line Idea List

All of these subject lines were written for actual email campaigns. Because I believe that it is much easier to look at “real life examples” than try to force ideas with vague templates, I’ve pasted the exact subject lines used. So go ahead and tweak these for your own use!!

  1. Tough day? Take a break with me.
  2. Cute puppy alert!! ?
  3. Got a minute?
  4. I have a gift for you!
  5. Get your questions answered (live event!)
  6. Are you facing challenges in your life right now?
  7. Light up your inbox for a moment
  8. Created with YOU in mind!
  9. Time’s Up! ⏰
  10. Be honest: Does social media ever stress you out?
  11. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…
  12. What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed?
  13. $500 grand prize? Yes please!!
  14. Get your summer polos, now!
  15. What matters most to you?
  16. A little something from me to you ?
  17. Trust me: You don’t lack motivation. Here’s what you’re missing…
  18. Two health crises in two months!?
  19. A virtual hug in your inbox!
  20. INSIDE: The biggest secret to managing your diabetes
  21. How I Turned My Doodle into a Business
  22. Open up for some inspiration ✨
  23. Start with YOU!
  24. Need to take a break? Here’s just the thing!
  25. What questions do you have?
  26. How to Optimize Your Social Media Bio (with examples!)
  27. Re: Here to help
  28. How much do you know about mental health?
  29. Just a friend, saying hello ?
  30. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember this:
  31. Sunday is the big day!!
  32. Build trust online with this 3-step process
  33. Can you help me create a Student Focus Group?
  34. Something to make you smile
  35. ? Jingle bells, Jingle bells…
  36. It’s time to pick promo products your customer will actually like!
  37. Are you in or are you out? 
  38. ? I can’t wait to share this with you!
  39. Free recipe!
  40. The Cost of NOT Having Social Media
  41. Here’s something I think you’ll love!
  42. It’s starting, with or without you…
  43. “There are always a million reasons not to do something…”
  44. Social Media: So Easy a Caveman Can Do It
  45. Let’s keep the momentum going!
  46. What do you need in 2021? 
  47. Your free gift is inside! ?
  48. LinkedIn and TikTok Have This One Big Thing in Common
  49. It’s YOUR Time.
  50. 6 Time Management Strategies That Work!
  51. Are you afraid of LinkedIn?

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