Moments That Change Your Life

If you’ve known me for a while, you probably know that I sold knives in college. 

Yep, I was a Cutco sales rep – and I was good at it! My grandmother had purchased Cutco knives in the 1950s, so I didn’t need to be “sold” on the product. I did, however, need to be “sold” on the idea of sales… 

Going into strangers’ homes with sharp objects was not my first choice in a summer job, but the moment I read that newspaper ad, my life was changed. 

I took the job. I sold the knives. I won the awards. I accepted the promotions. And I met people who forever altered the course of my life. 

If I had never picked up that newspaper, I never would have moved to Green Bay. I took over the Green Bay sales territory in 2010 even though I had never considered living in the region. Yet that move kicked off a chain of events that directly leads to what my life looks like in 2020.

I met my husband in Green Bay. 

We have family, friends, and a church we love in Green Bay. 

My life is here. Green Bay is my home. 

And if it weren’t for that moment back in 2007 when I picked up a newspaper and applied for a knife sales job, I am convinced that my life would look completely different. 

Isn’t it funny how God places these moments in our lives? 

I’d love to hear about a moment that changed the course of your life. Leave me a comment!