LinkedIn and TikTok Have This One Big Thing in Common

I’m not going to make you wait for the answer!

Both LinkedIn and TikTok have a majority of users who consume content much more than they create content. In fact, the majority of registered users for each platform do not ever post their own original content.

  • Only about 1% of LinkedIn’s 260 million monthly active users share their own posts (Source: Kinsta).
  • Two-thirds of TikTok’s active users do not create their own content (Source: Hootsuite).

Why is this significant for small businesses and solopreneurs?

Well, this is good news! Since both these platforms have far more users that use the platform just to consume content, it means you have a much better chance of standing out when you post on LinkedIn or TikTok than you do when you post on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Posting as Yourself vs. Posting as a Company on LinkedIn and TikTok

LinkedIn: If your brand is based on you OR if you are the owner of the business, make sure you are posting mostly from your own profile, instead of your business profile.

TikTok: You will be much more successful if you post as yourself and not behind a company name, unless you’re a very big brand or will have multiple users creating content for the company.

What to Post on LinkedIn and TikTok

LinkedIn: My recent blog breaks down 17 ideas for what to post on LinkedIn.

TikTok: Where to begin…! TikTok is a whole different social media animal. I recommend exploring Rachel Pedersen’s many free resources. I met Rachel at Social Media Marketing World 2020 and the woman is a powerhouse social media expert and TikTok master.

How Often to Post on LinkedIn and TikTok

LinkedIn: Post 3-5 times per week.

TikTok: Post daily! If you don’t have enough content, start with a few times a week and work up to daily posting.

Which is Better for My Business: LinkedIn or TikTok?

I don’t have a short answer for this one, but I’d be happy to dig in and advise you personally. Simply send me an email at [email protected] and include your name, your business name, and what you do in 1-2 sentences. I’ll provide a personalized recommendation within two business days! By emailing me, you also agree to be added to my newsletter list.


There you have it: Two social media platforms that have major potential for business owners and solopreneurs are LinkedIn and TikTok! Let me know which one you decide to use to fuel your business.