Three Lessons My Puppy Taught Me About Business

2021 didn’t start off well for me. 

At the end of January, I fell in church and ended up with a double sprained ankle, a broken foot, and a bruised ego after passing out from the pain – in the busy church atrium, no less. 

Not even two months later, I took myself to Urgent Care for sharp stomach pains. I ended up having an infection on my small intestine (due to a Meckel’s diverticulum) that required immediate surgery and an appendectomy. It took a while to even get out of bed, after that one!

But the title of this blog tells you that the spring wasn’t a total disaster. In the midst of all my health setbacks, a little puppy was born on February 13th that was destined to be my biggest bright spot of the year.  

My husband, Ryan, and I had always talked about getting a dog, but the idea never made it past wishful thinking. It was never the right time or the right dog. 

One of my amazing clients has a young Pomsky dog that is absolutely gorgeous. In April, after her cute pup made another appearance on a Zoom call, I asked where she came from. It turns out that the family farm had another litter of Pomskies almost ready to go. It only took a little convincing to get Ryan on board… And so Winston joined our family on April 12th!

woman with puppyLesson #1: Working From Home is a HUGE Blessing

My corporate jobs allowed for occasional work-from-home stints, which always felt like a luxury. Now, I can’t imagine working outside the home. 

A puppy demands never-ending attention – potty training, watching what he chews, taking frequent walks – that would be challenging to provide if I weren’t here every day. I look at families that raise dogs, children, and much more while working outside the home – and I am in awe! I know it takes a lot of juggling. Having Winston has helped me appreciate the luxury of work-from-home life.

dog rolling in grassLesson #2: It’s Important to Take Breaks

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a workaholic. Before I focused on Emily Writes full-time, I “side hustled” my business for nearly two years. During those two years, my writing work was my hobby. So when this work became my full-time focus, I never really stopped keeping those long hours. 

I write at night when inspiration strikes and catch up on work tasks on the weekend. This still happens more often than I’d like to admit…

But Winston forces me to take breaks. Literally – he’ll jump on my lap and demand attention if he needs to go outside, play, or get some snuggles! 

I’ve come to appreciate my new routine that includes dog care tasks, and am able to better focus on work when I can clear my brain on a regular basis. I’ve become a better writer and a more efficient business owner thanks to my new, puppy-filled schedule.

puppy on carpet

Lesson #3: Patience is More Than a Virtue

If you’ve ever stood outside in the rain while your puppy leisurely takes his time to choose a place to do his business, you know that some things just can’t be rushed. 

As a recovering perfectionist and admitted control freak, patience isn’t always my strong suit. I want to see results yesterday and am the hardest on myself when it comes to missing targets. 

But good things take time. Training Winston takes time, and so do the dreams I have for my business. Both are worth waiting for! I’ve appreciated the chance to slow down and re-focus, over the summer, as I look forward to bigger things ahead. 

I hope you enjoyed my light-hearted take on life + business! Come back in two weeks for helpful advice for building your business through content marketing. 

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puppy under a bed