Different Types of CTAs: How to Decide Which One to Use

As a business owner, there are a lot of reasons why you post on social media. Sometimes, it’s simply to bring some authenticity and credibility to your business’s digital footprint. You know that potential customers are going to research you online before contacting you directly, so you want to provide them with content to base their opinion on.

Other times, the point of a social media post is to boost engagement with your audience. You post content to connect with them and raise brand awareness so that the next time they’re in the market for a product or service like yours, they think of you first. 

Another big reason you post on social media is because you want your audience to DO something. Whether it’s to take advantage of a sale, sign up for your email list, or schedule an appointment with you, there is a reason for your post. If this is the case, you better tell them specifically what their next step should be! You have to give them a call to action, or a CTA.

Types of CTAs

There are a few different types of CTAs, and the one you choose is going to depend on the goal of your post. Whether you post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, you should get to know how to use each type of CTA. 

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CTAs for Promotion

If you want to direct your audience to take action, whether it’s joining your membership, setting up an appointment, or buying a product, you’ll want to use a CTA for promotion. This type of CTA tells your audience exactly what to do next.

Examples of a CTA for promotion include:

  • If any of this rang true, we should chat. Shoot me a message!
  • So now the question becomes: Why NOT? This is your sign to take action! DM me to get started.
  • Comment “I’m ready” below and we’ll send you more information over DM.
  • Visit our website to become a member of our community!

This type of CTA tells your reader how to take the next step in the process you’re promoting. Your caption copy has inspired them to take action – and now, your CTA is telling them exactly which action to take!

Keep it simple, and try not to include more than one CTA in your post. You want to be clear and direct with your audience.

CTAs for Engagement

You shouldn’t only post on social media when you want your audience to do something for you. You should also post to educate them, inspire them, and engage with them! Building a connection with your followers is a huge part of content marketing and a big reason why this type of marketing is successful.

Examples of a CTA for engagement include:

  • Tag a friend who would like this!
  • Thumbs up or thumbs down? 👍👎
  • Was this helpful to you? Let us know in the comments!
  • Drop a comment below and tell us _____!

CTAs for engagement create just that – engagement. Your readers don’t have to do much other than like, comment, save, or share. They don’t have to open their wallets or give you their email address for your email list

Don’t Forget Your CTA

Both types of CTAs – for promotion and for engagement – are important. Beyond creating brand awareness and building a connection between you and your audience, they can also be used to spread the word about your business and help potential customers enter your sales funnel.

They also help boost your post when it comes to the algorithm. You can’t “trick” the algorithm into giving your posts more exposure, of course, but what you can do is show them that your content is engaging and valuable. The more people that interact with your content, the more it boosts your authority and proves that your content is relevant, reliable, and worthy of being promoted on the “For You” and “Explore” feeds.

Regardless of why you need a CTA on your post, one thing is true: CTAs are the most important part of your post, so don’t forget to add one at the end of your caption every single time!

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