5 Ways to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

Social media is a big player in the digital marketing space. In order to get the most out of your investment, finding the right platform for your business can make all the difference!

Many service-based businesses see a lot of success by focusing on their business’s Instagram. From feed posts and Reels to Stories and lives, there are so many ways you can use the platform to grow your audience and business.

But understanding the algorithm and learning how to take advantage of it can take some time. Let me help you jumpstart your growth with some tried-and-true methods I’ve used for my clients’ businesses.

Here are my top five ways to use Instagram to grow your business successfully and organically.

Tip #1: Create Quality Feed Posts

When Instagram first stepped onto the social media scene, feed posts were all we had. And, honestly, they’re why people fell in love with the platform. Simple, easy, eye-catching photos and glimpses into your day were all it took to connect with your followers.

Even though the platform has evolved since its 2010 release, one thing remains true: people love a quality feed post!

Use your feed to show your face, feature beautifully staged photographs of your work, highlight your team members, or post educational infographics related to your industry. Pair your photo with a well-crafted caption to turn this into a great place to drive engagement and form authentic connections with your audience.

Tip #2: Don’t Shy Away From Reels

Short-form video is still hot in the world of social media, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Instagram has entered the ring with its version: Reels.

Use this excitement to your advantage. Create educational or entertaining reels that will grab the attention of your audience as they’re scrolling through.

Encourage your audience to comment, like, or share your Reel. You can also lean into a popular trend, such as a dance or sound, if that feels right for your business’s brand. Just be aware that original audio is tending to perform better on Instagram right now instead of the audio trends.

Tip #3: Have Fun with Stories

Stories are the best place to engage with your audience because they are only available for 24 hours, and they are only shown to your followers. Post simple snapshots throughout your day or show them what you’re working on. This will humanize your brand and put a face to your name.

Boost engagement by using Instagram’s built-in tools to insert polls, links, question boxes, or other fun, interactive additions. This will turn your quick snapshot into an interactive experience.

Thinking of offering a new service? Post a Story about it and ask for feedback. It’s a great way to engage with your audience while also moving the needle forward on your business.

Wrote a new blog? Feature a link to it on your Stories!

You can also share your feed posts and Reels on your Stories to increase their exposure.

Tip #4: Use Thoughtful Hashtags

In addition to pioneering the photo-only social media platform, Instagram also pioneered the hashtag.

As you’re developing your Instagram strategy, do some hashtag research. Find out what hashtags are the most popular for your ideal audience and apply them to every single post you make. This will help new people find your business and keep your current audience engaged with your posts.

You can use general hashtags like #copywriter or make them more specific like #WisconsinSmallBusinessOwner. Make sure you use hashtags that your audience is actually looking for and not just ones you think they might be interested in.

Tip #5: Stay Consistent

You can focus on one type of content or try it all to see what works best for you. Regardless of what you decide to do on Instagram, make sure you stay consistent! 

The messaging in your feed posts, your Reels, and your Stories should all be very cohesive. Make sure that your brand voice is really shining through and keep the same colors, fonts, and types of graphics. It should match that of your other social media feeds, your website, your email marketing, and all other digital marketing efforts.

When all of your marketing efforts are cohesive and you’re showing up consistently, your audience will begin to connect your branding with your business and understand that your business is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and one worth forming a connection with.


There you have it! My top five easy tips to start using Instagram to grow your business. 

Thinking of putting more stock in Instagram? Let me know which tip you’re going to try first!

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